Frequently Asked Questions

My bank account shows a 'pending hold' on my funds. Why ?

An authorization or pending 'hold' is a banking industry practice of authorizing electronic transactions made with a debit card or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the transactions made with a debit or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the merchant clears the transaction (also called settlement) or the hold drops off. When a guest inadvertently charges a card multiple times during the same transaction, more than one hold can appear on the account.

Basically, when a debit or credit card number is submitted, it is transmitted as an electronic inquiry to determine if funds are available to cover the potential transaction. The bank automatically places a hold on the amount until the merchant clears or settles the transaction (usually at the close of business each day). These holds usually drop off after one to three days, depending on the issuing bank policy. Whenever possible and at the issuing bank request, we are happy to cooperate to resolve pending hold issues, but it's important to note that while a request to release a hold can be made, not all banks will honor one. And even if they do, the release of funds may not be instant. Ultimately, merchants do not have the ability to release an authorization hold; the only entity that can do so is the issuing card's bank.

Why can't I receive collect calls to my telephone?

Many telephone companies these days are not set up to provide collect calls. Most people can't receive collect calls directly on their cell phones. And if you use smaller traditional phone companies or certain providers like Comcast or Vonage, you won't be able to receive collect calls directly on your phone.

It's also possible that you have reached the toll limit for receiving collect calls from a facility. These limits vary from facility to facility.

How can I receive these calls?

Call CSA at(800) 849-6081 to set up a prepaid account or a PinDebit account.

Why should I use pre-paid collect services?

So there will be no surprises on your monthly phone bill. Collect calls can be expensive. By using a prepaid service, you will know that your money is only going toward collect calls made to you.

What payment options do I have?

You have several options. You can call CSA at(800) 849-6081 to set up an account or to use our online service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards, Western Union Quick Collect, and money orders sent through the mail.

How soon can I receive calls if I pay by credit card?

In most cases, you may receive calls within two to three hours. There may be rare instances when it takes a little longer, but CSA operators will work with you to get the funds posted as soon as possible.

How soon can I receive calls if I pay with a money order?

That depends on when they arrive at our office. Once the money order arrives, it is processed immediately.

Can inmates use my prepaid money to call other people?

No. Your money can only be used to call your telephone number. If you would like to fund other accounts, you will have to be authorized by the owner of those lines.

Can I receive prepaid calls to my cell phone?

Yes, prepaid collect accounts can be set up for all types of telephone service.

How will I know when my account balance is running low?

Listen to the collect call prompts to press a number that will announce your balance. You can also call our customer service center at(800) 849-6081

How much do the calls cost?

The cost of calls can vary quite a bit. Rates will be determined by the facility, the service provider, and the distance you live from the facility. You can find out the precise cost of your calls by listening to the automated message or by calling a CSA representative at(800) 849-6081.

What happens to my money if the inmate is released or transferred?

You will need to contact CSA at(800) 849-6081 to receive a refund for prepaid accounts only.

Can I stop receiving these automated messages from a correctional facility?

Yes, in most cases the automated message will include instructions on how to block your number by dialing a few digits on your phone. If you continue to have problems, contact CSA at(800) 849-6081.

Is there a charge for using prepaid collect service?

While there is no charge to use prepaid collect services, CSA accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover for a small convenience fee. To avoid the fee, you may send a money order to our payment processing department: